Supreme EVA Industries has been in business for 15 years mainly supplying premium EVA Toys Foam to its parent company, Sun Ta Toys. Over the run, toys foam wastage has been a big issue for the company. Foam wastage is generally bulky and light in weight. It is expensive for the company to send out to 3rd party waste collector or even to burn for energy.

In the year 2006, the company introduced a preliminary recycling system to recycle the wastage into reusable raw material. However, the technology to reuse the recycled raw material is not matured. The company gathered around 300 tonnes of unused recycled raw material at stock until year 2014.

In year 2015, the R&D department came out with a revolutionary way of using the recycled material. With the input of cutting edge polymer to mix with the recycled raw material, we were able to “revive” the recycled material into a functional product. We call this TRAPO, a car floor mat.

TRAPO is a mixture of 50% recycled material with 50% virgin polymer product. With TRAPO, Supreme EVA Industries is able to create a sustainable cycle within the company itself or so called cradle-to-cradle closed loop production.