5 Tips to Keep Your Car Interior Clean

5 Tips How to Keep Your Car Interior Clean

Tip 1: Wet Wipes

When a spill happens, keeping a package of wet wipes is a better option than paper napkins to clean up the mess. Furthermore, a car trash bin is extremely handy when it comes to disposing trash on the road. Clear it out every time you leave the car!


Tip 2: Vacuum

Vacuum is undoubtedly the fastest and easiest way to keep dust at bay.
Do it once a week and have a pleasure driving experience!


Tip 3: Car Mat

Remove car mat and tap out all the dust and dirt regularly.
Vacuum or rinse with water if needed.
Use a dedicated stain remover to deep clean the upholstery and eliminate unpleasant odours.


Tip 4: Air Freshener

Who wouldn’t want their own car to smell good?
Get an air freshener, either tuck it under the seat or slide it on the vent, and you’re good to go.


Tip 5: Car Organiser

Car organiser is a great way to keep your stuff organised and easy to find when it matters.
Try to limit yourself with the amount of storage in car for better fuel efficiency performance!


Have you got a great tip on how to keep your car interior clean?
Our love for clean cars will always remain the same.
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